Friday, 1 November 2013

An easy win

A quick and easy refashion of a dress that just didn’t suit me.

It had a fake wrap top which gaped and flashed far too much.  But the pattern was nice...

... and the fabric floaty.  I figured it would be really easy to turn from a dress to a skirt and I was right.

The waist was already gathered with shirring; so, all I needed to do was cut off the bodice and neaten the raw edges.

I used black bias binding to finish the edge.  It was a little tricky holding the fabric taut, as it naturally wanted to gather as I sewed.  But I think this was just my inexperience in sewing showing.

Quick, fun, and I now have a floaty skirt.

Easy to wear too.


  1. Good thinking to turn it into a skirt - much better than having something you know you won't wear hanging around!

  2. Thanks. I've worn it lots recently and before I had never worn it.