Saturday, 21 March 2015

Selfless sewing #1

It's Saturday, hurrah! Nothing to do, so it's going to be a lazy day with some sewing done (if I can distract my three little mess-makers). First, though, I want to show you all a fabulous make; I am in love with this dress.


I had agreed to make a dress for a friend's lovely daughter ages ago, but put it off with excuse after excuse. Finally the guilt got to me: the little girl is so nice, I had to get started. I thought if I were going to do this, I wanted to enjoy it; so, I treated myself to a 'new to me' vintage pattern from ebay.

I love vintage patterns, the instructions are so clear and easy to follow. I even finally understood how to ease the fullness of the hem which had seemed like gibberish to me when I'd read about it before.

I am so happy with this make; if only it were in my size, I'd definitely wear it! The fabric is good old curtain remnants from the 70's so era appropriate for the pattern. (You may be wondering where you recognise it from - I previously made a pinafore with it for my baby girl here.)

I wanted to add a bit of colour so I added some applique flowers. I cut out three, but decided in the end that two was enough.

The flowers are attached with Bonda-web and then freehand machine embroidered on top. I have to say I love it!

It has a lapped zipper at the back, and completing it has helped stop me being so terrified of zips (still have not tried an invisible one yet, though).

The bodice also has a gentle curve to it, which gives a lovely shape. It is lined with a faux silk and has the cutest little cap sleeves.  

I enjoyed this make immensely, though it was very time-consuming. The only tough bit was giving it away!!!  Turns out I am a selfish selfless sewer. Hope she likes wearing it; I think she will...

Monday, 16 March 2015

Easy pencil skirt

Afternoon all! Today's post is a quickie for a super quick queue-jumping skirt. Try saying that three times after a glass of vino!

Enter Gertie's "easy knit pencil skirt" from her latest, Gertie sews Vintage Casual. I have previously reviewed the book here. The skirt is one pattern piece folks - ONE!  That, plus a bit of elastic.

The fabric is a blue/green tartan double knit. I shortened the pattern by about 5 inches to make it just above knee-length on me. I must be very short or this pattern is designed for towering giants. (I'm 5ft nothing, and have a height complex!)

Rather than create a casing for the elastic, you form a loop with the elastic first, and then sew it straight onto the top of the skirt. Talk about quick! All that's left after that is to hem it.
The skirt has a great shape, and frankly I feel great in it. The best thing has to be that elastic waist allowing for over-indulging at lunch without compromising comfort!
That is all there is to say, really, except I may now be tempted to buy every patterned knit I see to make more and more of these! But next up will be my selfless sewing for my Mum and my friend's daughter. This just had to squeeze in!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Toothpaste stripes

Hello all!  This is another New Look 6216 with long sleeves made from a lovely thick cotton interlock. The lady in the shop almost put me off it by saying the thin stripes would drive me mad whilst sewing it, but it was fine. In fact, I love the toothpaste stripes - it reminds me of a RTW top I had as a teenager (and still own).  The computer doesn't like it, though, and so the pictures have to be larger than normal not to blur on the screen!

You can see that this is a big baggy top, and I know that is not everyone's cup of tea. But sometimes it is just what I want. 

I got the neckband in well this time - no puckers!  Hurrah!  You can probably see it is standing proud on one side: never mind! Thinking positive: I am getting better and that's all that matters. 

I am pleased with how easy this was, so more knit tops are on the horizon. I'm now on the look out for a new (easy) pattern...