Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My longest ever work-in-progress

Hi there stitchers, It's been hard to get enthusiastic about sewing post Brexit- referendum. I even bought some fabric on the day of the result in an attempt to cheer myself up - it's still languishing in the bag, not even photographed for IG. Very unlike me!  I do have a finished make, though, so felt I would share.

As the title indicates, this dress has been my longest ever WIP. I almost finished the dress last Autumn, but abandoned it to the naughty corner upon realising the fit was rubbish!  Then, recently I took in a centimetre off either side of the front panel, and reduced the length of the shoulder straps by 1.5 cm.

I still think the fit is pretty awful, which is sad as I haven't had a make I have been unhappy with for a while now. I have got used to my makes working, therefore everything that is wrong with this dress jumps out at me each time I put it on.

My husband assures me it still looks pretty, and I will wear it as the print is beautiful.  The fabric by the way is from the Fabric Godmother and was bought at Josie's first open day last year. It is so light and swishy, so I do feel rather glam in it.  I am sure I will learn to love it over the summer.

The pattern is a vintage one, lent to me by the lovely Kerry from Kestral Makes. I can finally return it Kerry, thank you. I love the style lines and aesthetically this is just what I love and want from a dress. I have bought a similar pattern recently, so I haven't finished with this style of pinafore yet.

So, all in all, not a 100% positive post, sorry about that.  But onwards and upwards. I have recently started a course in rag rug making and I will post my progress soon.  Until then, adieu.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Vogue Jumpsuit 9075

Hi all. We've been on hols over half term, camping in what felt like a freezing hurricane only to return home to glorious sunshine. Sods Law! However, I was able today to finish the hems on my new jumpsuit and get some sunny photographs of it.

I have been so excited by this new make. It's exactly what I wanted to be. I found the pattern Vogue 9075 through a "pattern picks" article in Love Sewing Magazine. It's a good job I saw those pictures, as I wouldn't have been inspired by the illustration on the cover.

I knew I wanted a denim chambray jumpsuit, and I found the perfect fabric immediately. It was from the bargain basement of cheap fabric, Fabricland. Although you have to trawl to find them, there are often gems to be found, like this: fabulous, butter soft, rich colour and beautiful drape. A true bargain at only £5.99 a metre.

I ummed and ahhed about whether to make a muslin, but in the end - as it had shorten lines for a petite bodice - I just went for it, I was too excited not too! And I love it.

Looking at these photos, there is a little pooling at the back of the bodice, so perhaps on the next make I need to make an adjustment. Any suggestions welcome. However, that tiny bit of pooling doesn't stop me loving this. I can see myself living in it throughout the summer.

The inspiration photo was of a version with no sleeves, which probably influenced me to do it sleeveless. The shape of this is on-trend, with wide legs and a close fitting bodice. The princess seams were easy to fit, and I am really pleased with how it looks on me. The bodice is self-lined and understitched, so it's a very clean look with no topstitching.  When I sewed in the zip, which is a centred one, the stitching, although neat, jumped out a mile. So, I unpicked and hand-stitched the zip and I am so glad I did.

When you stand still, it can look like a skirt; so, some moving about to show that they are indeed trousers.

The pockets are set into the seam and a perfect size. They really make it, in my opinion. I did choose to topstitch down the pleats, prior to the zip. But it doesn't jump out as much as the zip did, so I am happy.

That's it for today. Back to school-runs and normality now.