Monday, 28 December 2015

Easy skirt; Newlook 6346

Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas break. For once it is actually relaxing here. Three small kids makes for a lot of noise and hullabaloo, but this year I am thankful for the gift of Lego Dimensions, a computer gane which has completely engrossed them and allowed me to sit and relax and find a few minutes to sew!

This is my new skirt. It's a linen mix fabric, definitely a mix as it frayed terribly. I cannot complain though as the fabric was part of an epic haul from a charity shop and this piece cost me just £1.50. 

The fraying seams are finished with my machine's overlock stitch. I am now looking forward to getting an overlocker as it will make quick work of fraying fabric.

The skirt is NewLook 6346 which is categorised as easy. And it was. I mixed things up a little by topstitching down all my seams. It's subtle, but it adds a little texture and detail.

However, the pattern is not without fault: the sizing is way off. I chose size 14 (28 inch waist) but the finished waist comes out at 32 inches! 

At first I thought this was my mistake, but I've checked my pattern pieces. I can still wear it, as I can let it drop and wear it just above my hips. But from the pattern envelope, it is clearly meant to sit on the waist.

Even so, this hasn't put me off the pattern - I will just size down next time. So, if and when I find the perfect fabric, I am sure there will be another. I especially love the buttons, think they look really smart. My machine, though only a cheapy Toyota, does amazing button holes. 

Hope everyone is finding time to sew, or at least dream about it! Till next time, Louise x

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A fun top quickie!

This post is just a quickie: a super fast upcycle to make my darling husband a Christmas top.

I used an old shirt that would otherwise have been shredded at fabric recycle, and got to work. I drew a template for the tree, cut it from some lovely wool felt, and appliquéd it on using a zig-zag stitch.  I then hand sewed baubles and the tinsel (lovely braid) on during my nightly vigil to ensure children remain in their correct beds at night time. A quickie, but much appreciated by Mister Seamsoddlouise, so a real win.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Bear Dungarees!

Afternoon all. Hope everyone's preparations for Christmas are going well. I am ignoring it this year and hoping it will go away! The tree is up and mince pies have been eaten, and now - after months of upheaval from building works - I plan to veg out, relax, watch films and sew. Hurrah. For now though I do have a finished object to share...

These awesome dungarees have been made in grabbed ten minute chunks of time. Having a sewing room is an eye opener: you can leave your stuff mid-sew and no-one spills their food on it! And next time you have a spare five minutes you are ready to go again. Love it.

Boy growling like a bear.
I chose this to be my first sewing room project as I have been champing at the bit to make these ever since I saw Janet's foxy dungarees back in September. The pattern is from the book Wild Things by Kirsty Hartley. And it is a fabulous; full of colour and inspiration.  There are lots of projects to choose from, and -although a little fiddly with appliques - none of the designs are particularly hard to sew.

I wasn't being super exact with the details on my bear face, so they are a little uneven and the ears aren't symmetrical, but I care not. It's so jolly cute. I could have sat down and been precise but it would have taken longer, and as I say it really was a grab any time where I could sew project.

Middle boy has been looking forward to getting these since the book arrived. As luck would have it, I had the perfect fabric in my stash: a deep brown stretch velvet. I have had it forever and not known what to do with it; so, I am glad to have finally found a use for it. Because of the pile of the fabric, I had to use a walking foot as without it the fabric bunched under the needle. All praise the walking foot!

Whilst trying to push over the car boy models the back of the dungars!
He seems very pleased with his bear outfit and it's the little details like the clawed pockets that make it for me.  All in all, an enjoyable sew and I am looking forward to making something else from the book next year. 

Right, some presents to wrap, then some more sewing!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hello again

Hello everyone, it's been ages since my last post, and it's been ages since I last sewed anything! But there is a reason, and it's a good one. We have spent the last few months in the utter chaos of having a loft extension and general remodelling of our house.

If that wasn't exciting enough, one of the benefits of the extension is ... my own sewing room!

The room is long and narrow with two velux windows for lots of light.

My new room prompted a trip to Ikea to get a new table! I feel a bit like the cat who got the cream at the moment. The rest of the house is in disarray with everything in boxes and covered in dust! All I want to do is shut myself in there and sew, but it may take a while to get back into full swing.

I have at least made a start and cut out a pair of dungarees for the middle boy.  All I need is a little bit of time, and I'll be away!