Monday, 17 April 2017

Catching up with Cleo

Hello Folks, I felt I needed to post to prove I was still alive! It has been busy busy busy here. Kids are hectic as always, and I have been in the throws of applying for Uni, with essays and interviews stressing me out. The real hard work will begin in September; I am very excited and not a little terrified. In the meantime I am going to use that deadline to get our house up to scratch - decluttering and decorating! I will have to be ruthless, chucking everything out and I will also have to pack up my beloved sewing room as we are going to need a spare room for an au pair if I am going to be out full-time. What will I do with all my stuff? I have so much sewing paraphernalia and up till now it's been luxuriously spread out. Part of me is scheming to see if there is another way to save my sewing room, but I don't think there is!

In the meantime, here is another Cleo, and I love it. I previously made two others here.  The green one has gone off to the charity shop as it was too tight to be comfortable, but the sparkly grey one I wear all the time. There was just about enough of the gold denim leftover from the Anya bag I made my Mum. But only just enough. Luckily, I don't need long straps or I would have run out!

It should have been an easy sew, having made it twice before, but I still had to faff around with those side seams. I thought Id got the pattern just right but I still had to unpick twice!

I am really pleased with the brass clips, they suit the colour perfectly.  And speaking of colour, I have had so many IRL compliments on this. "What a great colour" has often been heard, and one person said "I never find things like this on the high street."  Dead chuffed to be able to blow her mind by telling her I made it!

Not much more to say about this other than to repeat that I love it! I see at least another Cleo in my life, if not two. Bye for now.  Hope you've had a great Easter.