Monday, 16 March 2015

Easy pencil skirt

Afternoon all! Today's post is a quickie for a super quick queue-jumping skirt. Try saying that three times after a glass of vino!

Enter Gertie's "easy knit pencil skirt" from her latest, Gertie sews Vintage Casual. I have previously reviewed the book here. The skirt is one pattern piece folks - ONE!  That, plus a bit of elastic.

The fabric is a blue/green tartan double knit. I shortened the pattern by about 5 inches to make it just above knee-length on me. I must be very short or this pattern is designed for towering giants. (I'm 5ft nothing, and have a height complex!)

Rather than create a casing for the elastic, you form a loop with the elastic first, and then sew it straight onto the top of the skirt. Talk about quick! All that's left after that is to hem it.
The skirt has a great shape, and frankly I feel great in it. The best thing has to be that elastic waist allowing for over-indulging at lunch without compromising comfort!
That is all there is to say, really, except I may now be tempted to buy every patterned knit I see to make more and more of these! But next up will be my selfless sewing for my Mum and my friend's daughter. This just had to squeeze in!


  1. I wouldn't blame you for buying all the patterned knits to make more of these - looks like a great speedy project! Good luck with your selfless sewing!

  2. Love that fabric, it has gorgeous colours in it. Sounds like the perfect skirt too!

  3. That's got to be be as instant gratification as sewing gets! It's really lovely - you'd be perfectly justified in buying up every patterned knit you can :)