Sunday, 3 November 2013

Making This More Me

I spend a lot of time reading sewing blogs.  I love the advice, the inspiration, but best of all I love the pictures.  Some bloggers' photography and staging is exquisite.

This is from - a beautifully styled blog which I can spend hours reading. Another stunning blog is

The photos are like those you'd expect to see in a glossy magazine.
Why am I mentioning these blogs?  Because, although I find them inspirational and I certainly won't stop reading them, they are not my style.  I don't mean that the clothes aren't my style, but the lifestyle bears no relation to my life.

That got me thinking: does my blog represent my style, and me?

My strapline mentions the things that get in the way of my sewing and I haven't mentioned this until now.  My wonderful children don't mean to get in the way of my sewing... they just do.

My tin of sewing threads is often full to the brim with Lego. My pin cushion is constantly being stolen.  And this is what my sewing space looks like three times a day:

Not a photo you'd expect see in a glossy magazine!

I literally have to scrub my the table within an inch of its life each time I want to sew!  But it doesn't stop me wanting to sew.  In fact it spurs me on even more.  I LOVE sewing, at the moment it feels like an addiction: each make is the next hit, and no sooner is one item complete than the next is being planned, cut out, sewn.

I digress. Over the next few weeks I'm going to try and find my style within my blog.  Find a way to show what sewing means to me.  Well, that's the plan - whether you'll be able to see any difference remains to be seen!


  1. I look forward to seeing your next steps ;) My "just organised" sewing space (tidy in lovely containers with lids for a change) was just 'rerarranged' and yes, there were lego pieces in the compartments ;) I do like the magazine shoot blogs, even if I'll never get there personally ;)

    1. Thank you. Lego gets everywhere doesn't it? But it's better than finding crayons and felt tips in with my fabric!