Sunday, 27 October 2013

Stylish Dress Book: Design F Jacket.

Oh my word! This is the make of which I am most proud, so far: stress free, straightforward and no sewing disasters.

Huge compliment… my husband likes it.  Though he thinks it’s like something “Mary Berry might wear”!!! Is that bit still complimentary?

The fabric, as per usual, is leftover from my Nan’s stash.  This started life as rather faded curtains and I had to fiddle around with pattern placement to make sure all the fabric was the same colour!  I have more of this fabric left that has been sun faded to a very light turquoise, which I might use at a later date.

The pattern is from Stylish Dress Book (Clothing for Everyday Wear) by Yoshiko Tsukiori.  The instructions are excellent, and provide an easy to see tick list to check you’ve done
 everything and in the right order.

Again, cute little pockets - I’m becoming a real pocket lover!

One make later, we have a great jacket and a happy stitcher… now, what next?


  1. What a great use for old curtains! It looks like a lovely jacket.

  2. Thanks. I'm getting good at using old curtains see it's mainly because I'm not brave enough with my sewing skills to use proper fabric yet!!

  3. This is really cute, Louise! I think the fabric makes it!! And yes, I think if Mary Berry would wear it, that's probably a compliment! :)

  4. I want your jacket! Gorgeous fabric choice. I haven't made anything from this book yet but am now inspired!

  5. Thank you very much Helen and Ivy Arch.

  6. Excellent choice of fabric to spice up such a classic pattern, I love it!