Thursday, 10 October 2013

Layering in Autumn

I decided to make this from Simple Modern Sewing:

It’s design 3, the Boat Neck Jumper.  Jumper??  It looks like a dress to me.  The neckline is joined at the sides of the neck just like a baby-grow, so it slips over your head very easily.  It is also nice and loose in the body.

The instructions are straightforward, listed numerically with illustrations.  I love these illustrations they seem to speak to me in a way that written explanations just leave me scratching my head.

My only deviation was to chop off 2 inches on the centre fold as otherwise I would have drowned in all the fabric!

This went together very quickly. There are only two main pieces plus facings.  As it was very easy, I felt confident enough to line it.  The print fabric is very thin quilting weight fabric, and I thought it needed more body.  It’s very easy to layer over long tops and I’ve had lots of compliments when wearing it.

The print is a very pretty floraI one. Actually, it was the first piece of fabric I ever purchased several years ago.  I had great ideas and never did anything… until now.  May have to make another of these it was such an enjoyable make.


  1. This is very sweet - I love the floral print (and there is something very satisfying about using those bits of fabric you've had around for a while). I remember finding it odd when I first came across the term jumper meaning a dress - I think it is specifically a dress which goes over something, which we'd probably call a pinafore around these parts!
    Anyway, I very much like your Simple Modern Sewing makes so far. I've not yet made anything from a Japanese sewing book, but I like the look of this one.

  2. Thank you very much; these patterns are very easy to make, and fun. They give me a great sense of achievement as a beginner. Means a lot that you left a comment - this sewing blogger community really makes one motivated to keep going.