Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Go on then - another cossie!

Take an old blanket fit only for shredding, some teeny tiny scraps of yellow fake fur, and put them together.  What to you get?  A scary monster!


 Not that scary, Rowan!

 What big feet it has!

Hee hee! 

In other news this week: I was asked for sewing advice!  My friend thought of me as a sewing expert.  I was rather chuffed.

I helped her to figure out how her machine works, and tutorered her children in sewing a few straight lines.    It was lovely feeling that I'd inspired her to sew too - what a confidence boost.

With my confidence growing, I'm tackling jersey fabric again for a new project. My first make was horrendous, but I finished it.  Time to try, try again.  Is your sewing confidence growing?


  1. You're doing well with the costume making! It's always nice to be asked for advice isn't it? Definitely helps with boosting the confidence!

  2. Your costumes are brilliant (and how amazing are those monster feet?!) :)
    I don't think any of my friends consider me any kind of sewing expert, but I think with each project, I build a bit more confidence. Well done for encouraging a newbie sewer to get stuck in!

    1. Thank you. I'm definately not an expert- it took about twenty minutes to work out how to make my friends machine work! But it is nice not to be scared of the machine any more.