Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Walk like an Egyptian!

My lovely eldest son Rowan needed a costume for his Ancient Egypt day at school, and I needed a quick sewing fix.  Wahoo.

Take one slightly hideous gold cushion cover circa 1970, a tiny scrap of blue cotton, a quick scribble, and away we go.

I used my beloved friend pinterest here to research cossie ideas; then, the design was drawn up by Rowan and me.

I didn't make a pattern, just made it up as I went along: much more fun than measuring and following instructions.

 The collar is fastened by velcro, which is easy for a boy to do and un-do.

The little wrist guards just slip on.

And the belt is elasticated at the back, so is easy to get on or off.

I have made a small boy very happy, with very little effort. It's made me rather happy too.  The only downside was he was buzzing so much from such a great day today, he's only just gone to bed!


  1. This is brilliant! Costume making is the best kind of sewing too - creative and free. Looks like your sewjo has returned... ;)

    1. Completely agree, I can't wait for the next theme day at school. It was such fun to have a quick project.

  2. Well done - it looks like you did a great job! Hope it's got you back into the swing of sewing again!

  3. Thanks Ruth, yes it's totally got me up and going again. Sewed my first knit top last night. That was an experience!