Friday, 24 January 2014

Where's my SEWJO?

This last week I have done precisely no sewing!  Each night I've asked my husband how long since I last stitched anything! Seven days in a row.  My machine has been giving me reproachful looks, and I have felt frustrated and moody.

On the plus side, my sewing stuff is neat and tidy on its little trolley.  My thread is no longer pic and mix, but now colour-coded!

I've sorted my patterns and my fabric stash, and I've finally started to go through the large amount of fabric which I inherited from my Nan's house.  But that will be a long-running project.

Plus, I stole an idea from a friend, creating a little ironing space next to where I sew, on the top of my trolley.  This means I don't even need to stand up to press seams... if I ever sew a single seam again!

All in all, I feel SEW organised! Get it? Sew organised? Sew... oh, never mind!

I'm hoping my energy will come back.  There have been lots of lurgies going around, and the miserable weather also saps your strength.  But there will be sewing. Just possibly not very good sewing. (I'm worried that after a break I may have forgotten how to do it!)

I have a perfect project to ease myself back in: fancy dress for a seven year old.  Rowan needs an ancient Egyptian costume for school on Tuesday.  Something will be produced by hook or by crook.

This is what I'm aiming for, with just a few scraps of fabric to play with.  Come on SEWJO, come back to me...!

How do you feel, when you have short periods when you can't or don't sew?  I'm surprised at how down it's made me after only a week.


  1. You already know the answer to that! I am itching to stitch, but just can't face dragging everything out of the cupboard!

  2. I know how you feel. Did some of Rowan's costume today. Nice and easy no thought involved. Its made me feel ready to start again properly.

  3. At least you're nice and organised for when you feel like sewing again now! Hope that the costume is helping to get you back into the swing of things!

  4. Organised and neat- this almost never happens!