Sunday, 18 June 2017

Summer shorts

Hi all! It's June, how is that possible? The days are full of glorious sunshine and fabulous heat; it's with that in mind that our June project is a new fire and fireplace - what planning!!  In the meantime, here is something more weather appropriate: two pairs of cute little shorts for the little one.

I actually made these ages ago and they have sat in the work in progress box for a long time waiting patiently to have the elastic threaded through. It's funny how sometimes such a small task seems too much effort and therefore gets neglected! I'm so glad I finally got around to it as, these have been worn and washed and re-worn lots since, and still look great.

The pattern is a cute one from Simplicity's "It's so easy" range, and it lived up to the title, being a breeze to make. It was also great for scrapbusting; both of these were made from awkward shaped remnants after making my jumpsuit, and - a long time ago - a cute peacock dress.  

I am having to be more ruthless with scraps now, as space has become an issue; so, if I can't see an immediate use, they have to go. Previously, I would have kept even small bits, but I am being more realistic about time and resources now.

Looking forward to trying the skirt and top in the future.

Anyway, this pattern is quick to sew up, and fits nicely. I've jazzed them up a bit with trimmings. Little One particularly loves the pom-pom trim - they wobble about when she jumps!

The other is embellished with a green lace ribbon.  I have a thing for trims and will often buy ribbons if I think they look pretty, rather than with a project in mind. Again, this has to stop now, and I need to actively look for ways to use my box of ribbons rather than just adding to it. Too much conspicuous consumption!

I will definitely use this pattern again, and would recommend it for boys or girls.


  1. These look fab! It certainly looks like your little one loves them a lot! Especially with a pom-pom trim.

  2. These both look great and the trim makes them extra special, and well loved by the look of it! I'm trying to be more ruthless with scraps too as I know I'll never get round to using them all.

  3. I love the trim, it makes them just a bit more special. And who doesn't like a little pom pom trim???

  4. They look great and just what you need to be making right now. I only make my kids stuff because I have remnants. I very rarely go out and buy fabric especially for them (twice I recall!) Jo xx