Saturday, 20 May 2017

Sweet dress book, floral top

Hello. May is being unpredictable in its weather: pouring with rain one moment, and sunny the next. It makes planning what to wear rather tricky! Throughout the Me Made May challenge set by Zoe I have been noticing gaps in my wardrobe: I need more jumpers (that's okay, just made the bunny one), cardigans (need to learn to knit or find a good sewing one - suggestions welcome) and tops (as many of mine are RTW).

This is a top that I've made, and I am really pleased with it. The fabric has not sat around long; it was only bought a few weeks ago at Ditto fabrics open day. I just love how vibrant the colour is, it looks as if the the sun is bouncing off the flowers as I move.

Possibly need a sway back adjustment - what do you think? Or is that normal?

The pattern is from the Sweet Clothes book by Yoshiko Tsukiori. This is a great little book, and I just knew top G would make a good wardrobe staple.  It's obviously more of a faff to trace out the pattern, rather than just cut out your size from a commercial pattern. But it's worth it when you get 23 patterns for the same price as one indie pattern.  The sizing is usually very generous in Japanese pattern books, but I think that is for style reasons, as many of the designs are slightly androgynous. Not this one, though, it looked feminine and about right size-wise. But I did do a quick bedsheet toile, which taught me I needed to take a small wedge out of the neckline so that the top won't gape; plus, I lopped 10 cm off the length. I was really pleased with the fuss free shoulder - no gathering.

Folded a wedge out of the neckline

The make was remarkably speedy and I think part of the reason is that you put the sleeves in flat before sewing the sides. Maybe that's just psychological, but it feels easier and quicker!

Tucked in, probably how I'd wear it with a skirt.

Anyway long story short: I love it, and there will be more in the not too distant future; though I do have a long to-do list which is threatening to eclipse my sewing time. I shall try to accommodate both!


  1. Such a pretty top. I love the neckline shape - it's really flattering especially in that lovely fabric. Great blooms in your garden too!

  2. Hi Louise, what a perfect top! It looks like it fits you perfectly and the fabric is lovely. It's great finding and developing a pattern that is reliable and will produce a great top every time.

  3. It looks great, what gorgeous fabric! That's nice to use fabric so soon as buying it too. I know what you mean about setting the sleeves in flat, I really like that method and need to try it on wovens as I've only ever done it with jersey.

  4. Looks like a nice quick make and it looks good on you. Don't forget to make a solid colour one. I found out in May Made May one year that all my clothes were patterned!!

  5. Lovely top Louise! As for cardigan patterns, obviously it depends what shape you're after, but I've made a couple of versions of the Muse Patterns Jenna cardi that I've been pleased with.

  6. With a long to do list, I would certainly stick to simple basics like this pretty top. It looks lovely

  7. it looks a useful top and great on you too. I have just made a scout tee in a similar design but I need to go down a size. The US sizing threw me a little even though I looked at the measurements.

  8. This looks like a great basic pattern, I like how it looks good tucked in but is a nice length left out. Perfect fit too. Lovely :-)