Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Asymmetric Coco

Same fabric as my last make, but a very different dress. This is Tilly and the Buttons' "Coco" and is made using that fabulous border print jersey from fabricland. I'd originally bought 2.5 metres, and that was more than enough for two fab makes.

Even though the fabric is quite striking in its own right, I feel the finished makes are very different in style and tone; this feels more adult, and I feel rather glamorous in it.

I decided to go for the basic Coco shape without the funnel neck, and although I cut out the pockets, I decided against adding them as the finished dress seems so sleek and chic without them

Construction-wise, this is really simple - three pattern pieces only! And as I had made it before, it came together in a matter of hours! Result.

I really like the pattern motif down the side; this dress makes a big statement.  Everywhere I have worn this, I've had so many compliments.  It's easy to wear, wash and care for.

Wearing this feels like a dressy garment rather than casual; my other dress with the self-same fabric feels very every-day.  Perhaps this is because this one is more fitted and figure hugging.

 I did grade out a little from my last Coco. 

This is a pattern I feel I could make again if I come across an interesting piece of double knit.  So I shall keep my eyes open.


  1. So beautiful! I LOVE the way you used the border on the print!!!

  2. Looks like you put that 2.5 metres to good use, and brilliant that you managed to make 2 dresses that feel so different to wear!

  3. Perfect ;) I adore your pairing of the border print with the Coco, you look fabulous ;)

  4. Wow! I absolutely love it! Using the border print down the side like that was just inspired...Perfect marriage of fabric and style! This dress is a really lovely silhouette on you too :)

  5. Nice dress. Initially seeing the print I thought it was woven ..

  6. Holy shit, this is amazing! Love the use of that border print, it looks absolutely fantastic Louise!

  7. No wonder that fabric disappeared so quickly from Fabric Land. I used the same to make a Mabel skirt & top. I think the border print on the side looks amazing and I really really liked your other project with the same fabric.

    1. Yeah you gotta get in quick when you find something you like.

  8. I love the use of the border print in such and interesting way. It looks awesome!

  9. Brilliant use of a border print! I've not yet sewn with a border print fabric, and until now, only really thought of utilizing it along a hem! Thanks for the inspiration Louise!