Monday, 24 October 2016

A little sewing for the whirla-girla!

Hi there! I am finding more motivation to sew recently. I'm so pleased, as it is good for my mental health and general happiness when I have a project on the go.

These two are little makes, but happy ones.  First up is a summer gingham uniform for the whirla- girla. I left it late to buy school uniform and they only had winter clothes in stock, but it was persistently, gorgeously hot in September. So, I thought I'd make her a summer dress uniform.

All of the other girls wear gingham at school, in many different hues of blue and differing styles; I felt a homemade one wouldn't be out of place.

The only issue with this is the lack of collar. I didn't want to buy a new pattern, as speed was of the essence, before the heat of the sun faded away, so I used a trusted pattern book: Sew Chic Kids.

I love this book, and would recommend it to anyone sewing for young children (2 - 8 years). Mainly aimed at girls, it does have a few shirt patterns, trousers and shorts too.

Secondly, I made the darling girl a quickie 'Frozen' costume. I'd picked up some floaty fabrics at the Brighton sewcial fabric swap table. They caught my eye, and practically shouted at me "ELSA CAPE". Sadly for the little one (though not for me) one of the fabrics proved to be silk after a quick burn test, and was deemed too good for dress up! In the end, her costume was made from a slightly too small grey t shirt, an acrylic blue scarf, and some cheapy lining fabric. 

She is happy and that is the main thing. I didn't follow a pattern, just made it up as I went along. It's a gathered rectangle of lining fabric sewn to the t-shirt, which I trimmed to just below the arms in length. I then sewed the scarf to the back neckline to create the cape, and added a bit of ric-rac as trim.

But the crowning glory is the Elsa hair! I had a small amount of acrylic yarn hanging about and I plaited this to create a hairband pony tail. I am tempted to redo this with a full ball of yarn as she loves it and it would look even better thicker. But that's for another day...

How is your sewjo now the nights are drawing in?


  1. Your Elsa costume is fab - she looks so cute in it! I hope it gets lots of use - even if you do get sick of the songs after a while... Sewjo is definitely looking up a bit after a busy summer (and thankyou for fit advice!)


  2. Lucky girl. 2 really cute outfits!

  3. She is just so gorgeous - even though I know they exhaust you sometimes! I love the school uniform - very charming, as is the Elsa outfit. I agree, silk is not for a child's costume and should best be used by Mum. Glad you are feeling a bit more like sewing again.

  4. What a sweet heart. She looks genuinely pleased with your makes! I think the pony tail on a hair band is brilliant. I want one.

  5. I love both outfits and she looks so chuffed with her mum made's! Pleased you have your sew-jo back too!

  6. It looks like you've got 2 very gratefully received projects there! Glad to hear that your sewing motivation is returning!