Sunday, 14 September 2014

OWOP 2014

I have spent the last week alongside half of the blogosphere joining in with Handmade Jane's OWOP 2014 .

I thought this would be easy to participate in, basically wearing clothes made from one pattern every day for one week.  How hard can that be?  I chose to use Simplicity 5776.

I say "chose", but it was the only pattern from which I had made more than two versions!

So here goes then; day 1:

This version was the first one I ever made from this pattern: a purple skirt made from a double knit. It was just supposed to be a test garment, but I've ended up wearing it all the time. The blouse is one I posted about here. (Beside me on the mannequin is my first try at "Coco" but I've had to abandon it for a while to get another Simplicity 5776 skirt churned out, or else I wouldn't have had enough to see me through the week!)

Day 2:

This is my camouflage skirt, and it's another popular one with me - I wear it at least once a week.  The blouse is homemade, but pre-blog.

Day 3:

This is my favourite version in woollen tartan. I feel good in this skirt. The top is a RTW jersey top from Principles Petite. I have worn it almost to death; in fact, I could claim it was a partial make as I have patched up holes in it at least three times. But I'm not ready to part with it yet.

Day 4:

This look is so comfy and natural to me - a cotton blouse with a pleated yoke (I own 5!) scruffily untucked with a structured skirt.

Day 5:

This is my new skirt, an everyday kind of skirt but I am pleased with it. I made it with the remnants of my temporarily neglected Coco's material.  It is a lovely soft knit with a mottled pattern reminiscent of cable sweaters!  I added pockets as they are so useful, and I opted for a longer length this time, more Autumn friendly.

Day 6:

Purple skirt again, this time teamed with a silk RTW shirt. By this point, I'd failed to keep up tweeting the pictures. I'd be no good at "me made may"; nagging family members to take the daily pictures was hard work!

Day 7:

My new skirt again, this time with a jumper and scarf as it is starting to get a little chilly! And the week was over...

Conclusions: Did I enjoy OWOP? Yes, loved it. It was good to make a conscious effort to think about what I wear, and deliberately choose me-made over RTW.

Would I do it again? Yes, definitely, but I'd choose a blouse so I could wear it with either skirt or trousers.  By the end of the week I was gagging to pull on some jeans! Also I've realised that I do not accessorise well!  Can't have everything, I suppose.

I am also including this skirt in my Fall sewing for Sarah's FESA sew-a-long from The Creative Perfectionist.

I need to put a bit of thought into this one. First, though, I will finish the Coco in faux-jumper-look knit!  Nice and snuggly, hopefully. Then, I'll have to seek out more patterns. I'm actually really excited at the prospect of focusing on everyday essentials for Fall / Autumn. So, watch this space.


  1. It seems to be a fairly common feeling that getting photos of outfits is more of a challenge than sticking to the challenge itself! I'm looking forward to seeing your Coco, I've got my first version cut out ready to sew at the moment!

  2. All your versions of this are lovely on you! I can see why you especially love the tartan one :) Looking forward to seeing Coco!

  3. Looks like you had a great week - I have that pattern too, it's fab! Glad you enjoyed the challenge! x