Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sweet Dress Book - Tie Neck Camisole

My latest project is the Sweet Dress Book's "tie neck cami". This is what it's supposed to look like:

And here is my version! I didn't add the tulle or the bow as I felt that would be a bit too glamorous for my lifestyle!  

Probably my last summer make, as we seem to be running out of summer to wear it in! This is made out of the remnants of this summer top here and is a lovely mauve cotton with tiny cream stars.

Its cleverly designed so it just pulls over the head. The back is slightly higher cut than the front, and - all in all - I enjoy wearing it, and love how loose and flowing it is.

I think I am going to call this a wearable muslin, as I have plans to play with this pattern. I should like to make one with two back pieces, as I prefer the higher back neckline.  I think this would mean I would have to make the neck band slightly bigger, or open and close-able with a button.

This is the blouse on backwards: it covers a bit more flesh, so I think I'd be more comfortable with this in a future make.

Here is the front at the back (if you see what I mean).  I have written myself notes and placed them in with the pattern pieces as I'm sure this will be made again next summer.

The perfect top for summer adventures. Talking of which, I'm off on hols tomorrow Wahoo!


  1. I love the neckline curve, this does seem like such a perfect little summer top ;) Nice work on taking notes for your next (several) versions too! - it looks like it would be fabulous as an evening top under jackets as well... Lovely.

  2. It's a pretty top, and looks like it would be lovely and cool for summer! Have a great holiday!