Sunday, 1 December 2013

My 1960s dress

This project is my first foray onto the world of vintage patterns.  And I loved it!  Just holding the pattern pieces and picture card made me feel like the curator of a museum.

Economy Design No 233.  I'd never heard of this company before.  It must have been a mail order company, as the design came in a brown return envelope rather than a normal pattern sheath.  All the pieces were there, though sadly no instructions.  So I winged it, and made it up as I went along.

Rather elegant!  I even wore my heels for the photos!  Though I changed to boots for the rest of the day and felt that acually it looked okay dressed down too.

I added braid to accentute the 60s neckline and because it toned well with the purple.  The fabric is just a simple and very cheap cotton drill.  I didn't want to waste money on it, in case I fluffed the dress without instructions.

Heaven knows if I've done it right.  Sewing the yoke on was a leap of faith. So I just matched up the notches and hoped for the best.

 Maybe I should top stitch either side of this seam to make it stand out some more.

This was my first attempt at a zip!  It's not great but it's in and works.  Got to start somewhere.  Looking at the photo I'm going to add a hook and eye to the top.

So that's my first go at vintage. and it won't be my last.  It was fun.  I wore the dress out last week and found it made me walk tall.  Which is fabulous when you're 5ft nothing!


  1. Great colour - lovely for this time of year! I don't envy you having to sew this without instructions though!

  2. It was easier than I thought. I kind of did the longer seams first and worked downwards! Its wearable at least. I see all of my projects so far as a massive learning opportunity. Its all fun though - why did it take me 37 years to realize how fun sewing is. My husband so doesn't see it.

  3. Cute dress, well done! A good choice of vintage pattern too. I recently tried making a 1970s long tiered pinafore with little angel cap sleeves which ended up looking like something Grayson Perry's Claire would reject. Hence I haven't photographed and blogged it. I have now shortened it and wear it in the house but it has put me off vintage patterns for the time being! Yours looks great though, a chic pattern choice :)