Sunday, 22 September 2013

Birthday Gifts

21 again.  My eldest was rather surprised that I was 21 again, and didn’t reach 22!  On a birthday, it’s great having a hobby like sewing, as family and friends know just what to buy you as a gift.  Here’s some lovely things I got this year.

Wahoo! A rotary cutter - I’ve wanted one for ages.  I can’t wait to crack it open and give it a whirl.  It will hopefully help me be a little more accurate when cutting out fabric.

A gridded ruler!  Helps with shortening or adding length to patterns.

Sew! - pocket edition by Cath Kidston.  A lovely book full of inspiration, bags, appliques, and full size patterns.   Which one to try first?

So, a great haul of prezzies this year (thanks everyone!), plus and a cake made and decorated by my loving hubbie.  What could be better?  If anyone has any recommendations of books or equipment to add to my Christmas list, please do let me know!!!

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